Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Just A Few More Pics From The Little Mount Tom Summit

The top photo is a view of the Springfield skyline. Back in the early 1900s, there was a 
four story look-out tower atop Little Mount Tom which must of gave spectacular views in all directions.

 Now that the DCR has plans to add a few new nature trails in the area, i hope they consider building another tower atop the summit. But that's probably wishful thinking at best.

A Few More Pics Of Little Mount Tom

 I also observed many trees that are marked, i’m not sure if this was part of the recent Mt. Tom orientation tree identification or the markings of the proposed new trails that will be added by the DCR.

The best way to hike Little Mount Tom is to enter the woods past the old Mount Tom Ski Area sign on your right that’s located on the Ski Area Road (this is the sign located on the Ski Area Road that begins to the right of the Mountain Park Entrance past the Route 91 overpass and NOT the sign at the bottom of the Access Road at Rt 5).

Winter Camping On Little Mount Tom? What A Great Idea!!!

When i reached the summit of Little Mount Tom, i was surprised to see this campsite at the southeast overlook. Someone made a very decent lean-to frame complete with an American flag, they also left a supply of cut wood. Don’t know if they’re returning, so you might have to make your reservation if you plan on using the site, if they’re not, i would think it’s a first come/first use arrangement. Seriously, this would be an excellent place to camp out, though i think the DCR would have something to say about that.

Little Mount Tom

One of the best places for scenic viewing in the winter months is Little Mount Tom

although only at an elevation of 600 ft., Little Mount Tom boasts some spectacular views of the Connecticut River Valley, Whiting Street Reservoir, the Ski Area, and the old Mountain Park area.

Little Mount Tom was also the only active volcano on the Holyoke Range, with a lava flow that went in a south easterly direction, making for great geological exploration.

In 2002, the Trustees of Reservations, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, The DCR, and the Holyoke Boys & Girls Club joined forces to aquire the land on Little Mount Tom and the surrounding Ski Area land, here’s a link for more info: