Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latest Preparations For The Opening Of The Mountain Park Amphitheater

There's been lots of activity at Mountain Park the past few days as the park is set to open in August for outdoor concerts.

I recently spoke to workers on the grounds and rumor has it
that in addition to the scheduled August 16th performance of The Decemberists, there's been talk
of a free festival to kick off the opening on the grounds of what will be the Mountain Park Amphitheater.

The free festival will include five local bands, the exact date has not been announced, but the concert will probably be a test run for the the Decemberists show on August 16th.

Gas & Electric crews have been busy activating the electric lines that will power the stage and musicians area, they have also been busy cutting off the old circuits that powered the former midway. The original power source is the grid located on the Ski Area Road that also powers the Ski Area and feeds electricity to the Mt. Tom summit radio antenna complex.

The G&E has also been busy digging a trench near the old pavilion area to lay electrical wire and piping plus a transformer that will replace the overhead electrical transformer.

Meanwhile crews have been cleaning up the old midway area, where they are using a crushing machine to grind all the concrete that were once sidewalks, golf course, and foundations of the old Mountain Park.

Also, the old picnic grove and parking area is taking shape, the grounds have been recently cut of weeds and debris and a temporary fence has been added, this area looks beautiful!!!

Picnic And Parking Areas Looking Good!!!

Clean Up Of Concrete Debris On The Former Midway

Activating and Deactivating existing lines Midway Area

Electrical Work Around The Old Pavilion And Trolley Road Area