Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kenilworth Castle: Today!!!

In 1971, on the castle grounds were constructed the Kenilworth Castle Hill Apartments.
The operation got of to a very shaky start, and was in serious financial trouble from the outset, originally there was to be 186 units built on the property, but were never realized past the 56 units that are there today.
I've include a few pictures, notice the remains of what's left of the original grounds.

The property is currently owned by real estate developer and area businessman Eric Suher.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric on the grounds when these pictures were taken, Eric as you may know, also owns the former Mountain Park located just up the road from Kenilworth.

Talking to Mr. Suher, he expressed his desire to re create the atmosphere of the old park,
which, like to many others, was a very special place for him growing up.

While snapping a few pictures, i asked him about his plans for the former amusment park, he told me that it's no secret of his plans to build a music venue on the site, plans that also include rebuilding The Stardust Ballroom which many of you remember as a very popular dance hall of the 50s and 60s, many acts such as the Beach Boys, Yardbirds, and Animals played there at it's height in the mid 1960s before a tragic fire ended it's run in the early 1970s.

As for the recent criticism of his restoration work on the Mountain Park grounds Suher stated
"I had to do what was needed, removal of all debris, and overgrown brush, done properly to restore the area to it's natural beauty"

Asked if the media is treating him unfairly Suher added "Most of the people who are spreading 
these rumors don't even know what (the situation there) it's all about... most weren't even around to experience Mountain Park..." 

I came away from my conversation with Eric Suher pretty excited about the future of Mt. Park, he was very sincere and honest in his plans to restore the park.  I think we have a lot to look forward to.

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