Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Vandalism At The Mt.Tom Ski Area

Vandals have struck again at the former Mt. Tom Ski Area, this time burning down one of the small ski huts that was located on top of the mountain near the Tote Road hiking trail.

All that remains is the electrical boxes and switches and some wiring.
The fire also scorched some of the surrounding area, luckily no further damage occurred.
Vandalism has been a problem lately at the former ski area, back in March a fire damaged the old Ski Patrol building at the base of the mountain.

This photo shows the size of the area damaged by the fire.

The fire also burnt a 20 foot patch of land east of the hut.

Electrical boxes and switches lie among the charred remains of the hut.

The knoll where the hut once stood.

Here's a picture that was taken last year of the ski hut located near the old Upper Vista ski trail
on top of the mountain off of the Tote Road hiking trail. The hut burnt to the ground this past week.


-C said...

Very sad :( I spent quite some time manning the chair in the upper unloading areas.

Anonymous said...

How come this fire wasn't as well "publicized".. for lack of a better word.. as the fire that occurred in the ski patrol building? Just wondering..

Redtelephone66 said...

I don't think anyone cares what happens to these buildings which is very sad. The Boys & Girls Club seem to be taking a very passive attitude when it comes to the destruction of these buildings, the real losers here will be the kids who are anticipating a campground here in 2012. I'm just wondering if any of the buildings will be standing by then.

Anonymous said...

I think there are some real sick people hanging out up there to do this stuff. last time I walked up there some folks were having a private party. cars and motorcycles driving through the old park. also noticing some real creepy cruisy types here and at mt tom...be careful hiking alone I guess. between B&G club, quarry and eric suher, you think someone would insist on a security and police presence up there.

Anonymous said...

And now Mountain Park is officailly a concert site...fist concert is n August, HG&E is up there today running lines.