Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Few More Windmill Pics From Cy

Hi Leonard

On Friday night and Saturday I was out and about and I took some pictures for you.
Picture one and two were taken at Boyndie old aerodrome Friday evening. The windmills operate at nearly at sea level. These windmills are 15 minutes from my home. Picture one shows the seven windmills from a distance and picture two shows a single windmill at sunset with the cattle being totally unaffected by its presence.

I travelled to Aberdeen yesterday, one and a half hour drive, (to pick up my German niece, who is staying with us this weekend). Pictures three, four show a similar windmill layout proposed for Mt Tom ridge,. They were photographed on my southward trip. Picture five and six are of the same windmills on my northern return trip. This hill ridge is at the highest point of Banffshire, The Braes of Foundland.

All of the windmills (and there are more) are in agreed designated sites and by and large are accepted as necessary, however, there is a spot of controversy at the moment regarding a new site, as the power companies want to put some deep in a valley which relies on tourism, on the Whisky Trail.

Cy Pirie


Fishing413 said...

Great photos. I might be working on the ones on Brodie Mountain in a few weeks. I hope I get lucky enough to land on the project.

Nate Davis said...

Thanks for posting these. I hike Mt. Tom several times a week and have been concerned about seeing even more structures crowd the skyline.

Honestly, I don't think it'll be as bad as I thought it would. The windmills are certainly more attractive than the cell phone towers, and it'd be great to see energy produced this way in Western Mass. Hopefully the effect on wildlife will be minimal.

imhkki said...

nice photos

Anonymous said...

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