Friday, April 2, 2010

Mt. Tom Tea Pavilion: Now

Here's what remains of the Tea Pavilion which was located on the east side of Mt. Tom below the Summit House (see previous post for pictures of the pavilion in the 1900s)

This concrete slab is all that remains of the pavilion, this view is to the north.

And a view to the south.

Bill was here!!!

Another view facing south, at this angle you can get an idea of how thick the concrete floor was.


Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Just googled in and found you again here at Mt Tom Billy Goat....thanks for posting these new sure looks like there 'used' to be a whole lot of 'fun' going on back in this neck of the woods.

The early days may be gone but one may wander and in the spirit world the 'old uns' will be glad that they are being talked about....

ha ha "Bill was here" I write this I'm listening to a rip he sent me yesterday by email (QMS '86)...

At the local library yesterday I was reading a 55 year old local newspaper. There was an article that took my eye. Findochty (Finechty) the next village to Pck were hell-bent on knocking down a 'black shed' used by fishermen to mend their nets....some locals were up in arms as they'd found out that some of the users of the hut were playing cards on a of 2010 the shed is can see its empty site and standing within the site one can sense the 'old timers' whispering and nodding to each other as I call out "I remember you!!"

Have a good day...
Cy from Pck

Cy at Pck said...

Hi from Cy
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