Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mountain Park Pump Station Uncovered!!!

Last week the Billy Goat was talking to Pete, the old-timer that walks the Mountain Park access road, and the subject of the old Mountain Park water pump station came up.

He had said that the station had been hidden in the brush for years near the location of the old Casino and had been long forgotten.

Well, i was coming back from a hike from the summit and decided to go down the Ski Area road and noticed Wagner Wood who is clearing brush and chopping trees for Eric Suher's amphitheater had uncovered the Station.

It sure saved me a lot of work trekking thru the woods, though the mud was ankle deep
when i went down to the area to take pictures.

I don't know too much of the history of this building, but Pete had mentioned that it pumped water up to Mountain Park for it's sanitary needs in the early 1900s.

Also uncovered was what appeared to be part of the foundation of the old Mountain Park Playhouse ( i will post a few pictures of the foundation in the future), though i'm not sure if this is what it really is.

As for the water station, i will visit the Holyoke History Room to see if i can find additional info on it, and will post any new information in the future.


Joey B said...

Eric's amphitheater? What's that about? I hadn't heard anything about him putting in something up there.

Redtelephone66 said...

Hello Joey B,
This was the rumor going around the Holyoke History Room last week.

Joey B said...

I'll bring it up at the next Historic Commission meeting... see if I can find out anything more.

Redtelephone66 said...

Sounds good Joey, i'd like to know what's really happening concerning the Mountain Park grounds.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I have hiked the ski road and through the park so many times...never even suspected this was there. How many other treasures are hiding "in the brush" around here? I hope the folks doing this work will continue to keep you informed of interesting finds.

corrade said...

Hiked around there today, after hearing rumors of all the activity. Glad to find these details, thanks!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Great photos! Id love to camp at the top of Mt Tom. Those orbs are rather interesting!

Anonymous said...

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