Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mt. Tom Summit House Pump Station

Nestled in the Mt. Tom Reservation is the remains of the old Summit House pump station, the station pumped water from a reservoir that used to be on top of the range
near Dead Top peak to the Mt. Tom Summit House. The pump house and reservoir are located off the MM trail about a mile north of the Mt. Tom summit. Here are a few pictures of the pump house and reservoir.

I found a trail that leads to the Pump Station that starts at the B-17 Memorial that's located on
the Trolley (WGGB) Road that leads to the Mt. Tom summit.

Here are the directions:
Take the Mt. Park access road to Mountain Park , after driving over the Interstate 91 overpass, there will be a road to your right (it has a yellow gate) travel this road till you get to a power grid on your left, just pass the grid will be the trolley road (there's a sign that reads B-17 Memorial, the no trespassing sign only applies to vehicles) travel this road about a half mile and on your right you will see a path lined with birch trees and american flags leading to the B-17 Memorial, right behind the flagpole of the Memorial you will find a trail marked with orange/red trees (take your time looking for the orange/red markings on the trees, if you have difficulty, follow the brook to the left of the trail), follow this trail west for about a quarter mile and you will come to the Pump Station.
Behind the Pump Station is a pond with a concrete dam (fourth picture), if you travel behind the pond north, you will find old piping that will lead you to the Summit Reservoir, from the reservoir you can see the communication tower located on Dead Top peak (see bottom picture)
If you follow the orange/red marked trail from the Pump Station west, it will take you to the MM trail that runs north/south along the top of the range. If you continue on the trail to the MM, remember the location for future hiking, this way if you hike the MM trail in the future, you will know where the trail is that leads to the Pump Station and to the B-17 Memorial.


Anonymous said...

so these are different from the eyriw house ruins? can you give some better directions to the site if this is different?
everytime I go up there I find more history.

Anonymous said...

We hiked up sunday behind the B&G property, following a road between the quarry and ski slopes...found a body of water with some old buildings that seems to be labelled on google earth as "mountain park reservoir"? and under the power lines from the top, a buried pipe (from higher up than we made it...could this be to the pump station?...that goes to a fire hydrant near an old building on the ski slope...this area just fascinates me. when we left through mtn park there were guys with metal detectors looking for old treasures, said their friend found some old silver coins.

Redtelephone66 said...

No this is the Ski Area reservoir, the Summit House Pump Station is located at the top of the mountain off the MM Trail, i will post a map of it's location soon, to give you a better idea of it's location.