Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Toonerville Trolley: Then & Now

Since seeing WGGBY's documentary "Mountain Park Memories" and the snippet of footage of the Toonerville Trolley, it's brought back a lot of memories of this crazy ride.
The Toonerville Trolley (which was designed after the newspaper cartoon) was located opposite the Kiddie Cadillac  Mass. Turnpike ride, and i don't recall if the Trolley co-existed with those little hand-powered train cars that were also in this area in the early sixties, (these are the train cars that once were located near the Roller Coaster entrance in the fifties.) The trolley ride was tough on the kidneys, moving along a jagged rail that produced a "zig zag" effect, causing the riders to be tossed around in their seats, if that wasn't enough, the ride was accompanied by a clanging bell that added to the kaos. Pictured here is the Trolley in the early sixties (photo courtesy of the Holyoke History Room) and what the area looks like in 2008. Notice after all these years, the old electrical post is still standing,
and the fence surrounding the area is still there.

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