Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mt. Tom Quarry Canal

Here are a few pictures of the canal or duct that was used to divert water from a brook behind and above the Mt. Tom Quarry. Special thanks to local historian Robert Schwobe for making me aware of this canal and it's location.

Notice that the wooden gate (top picture) is positioned in the slots cut in the concrete to prevent the brook from running in a south easterly direction, to the left of this gate was a concrete wall with slots also (bottom picture) where the wooden gate could be placed to divert the water down the concrete canal to the south east.

I'm sure the canal's diversion of water had something to do with the quarry, since it was built
way before the Ski Area, maybe in the spring months it controlled the run-off of the brook so it wouldn't flood the quarry, i will have to ask Mr. Schwobe about this the next time i see him.

To view this "Mt. Tom Marvel" take the Ski Area road to the quarry entrance, to the right of the entrance, take the hiking trail (this trail runs right behind the quarry parking lot) then take the Knox Extension trail (on your left) to the Quarry Trail, when you get to the Quarry Trail take a left, you will see a fence with the quarry trail sign, this is the end of the Quarry Trail, past the fence follow the trail to it's end, you will see a roped off area with danger signs, don't go past the rope but follow the rope up the mountain and you will come to the top of the quarry ledge, right behind the ledge is the canal, (to get a good idea where it is, look at the second picture, in the background you can see the Mt. Tom Ski Area and Little Mount Tom to the southeast).

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TBS said...

That canal was built by the CCC back during WWII. I worked at Mt. Tom for many years and actually did some restoration work to the rock walls of the canal, as well as the sluiceway. You are absolutely correct in that the wooden gate was used to divert spring runoff. Love your blog!