Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tree Damage At B-17 Memorial

The tree damage at the B-17 Memorial is worse than i previously noted at the Holyoke History Room last week. I was told there were a couple of trees broke at the bottom of the path with one tree laying near the road at the beginning of the memorial path.

On March 14th i was at the Summit Reservoir just south of Dead Top and decided to take a walk down to the memorial via the path from the Pump Station and noticed at least seven Birch trees were broken almost in half, though there was no sign of the broken branches on the ground, i assumed someone had cleaned up the pathway recently and placed some of the broken branches across the trolley road opposite the memorial.

The tree that fell near the road was still there, i believe the damage was caused by the the snow and freezing rain of early February.

The Birch trees were planted at the memorial in honor of the twenty five servicemen who lost their lives in the crash of a converted B-17 transport plane at this site in July of 1946.

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