Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mt.Tom Ski Area Fire Aftermath.

Here's what the so-called First Aid building looked like about 12 hours after the fire Friday night.

I hope and pray this wasn't the result of an arsonist, but it sure looks that way. 
According to news reports, the fire is considered suspicious.

 And i hope this isn't a harbinger of what's going to happen up there this summer, Maybe the Boys Club can install some security measures on the property.

I reported yesterday that the building was actually the old ski instructor's building, and i'm sticking to this because the building next to it always had a red cross on it. If anyone has any info and if i'm wrong, please correct me.

I received an e-mail from Susan concerning which building actually burnt down:

"Leonard, I used to work at Mt Tom many moons ago. The building that was burned was the ski patrol 'shack' on the left side walking up from the lodge side was a newer section and the right side was the older section. The entire building housed the ski patrol. Hope this helps. The ski school building is situated over by the 'Boulevard' chair lift on the opposite side of the base area.
It's sad to see the ski area now, there is such a great legacy of skiers,families and workers that put so much into running Mt Tom when it was a vibrant part of Holyoke."

It was the building i was told that was on the land where Lower Station once stood, this was the depot for the incline railway that once took people to the summit of Mt. Tom.


Anonymous said...

there was fileing cabinets in there n 4 a long time there was the papers all over the floor it was easy acess im not suprised it burnd down

Anonymous said...

I took a hike from Mount Tom Reservation up Tote Road to one of the old trails (where cell phone towers now are). It seems that one of the old ski lift shacks has also burned. It looked pretty fresh being that there was very little new grass growing yet. It looks as though some jackass has discovered they like fire.

Redtelephone66 said...

I'm afraid it's open season for A-holes up there.

Anonymous said...

I just walked up there today. Sad to see what has happened to Mt. Tom. I used to work there years ago. It was a vibrant place and many a families had fun there winter and summer. I hope something positive comes out of this land.