Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beaver Dam At Lake Bray

Here are a few pictures of the Beaver Dam located on the Lower Level trail behind Lake Bray.
A special thanks to Brian Farrell for his contribution to this post.

The beavers have been quite active recently, especially on the eastern side of  Lake Bray where
they have built several canals to haul their building materials to the dam site, their lodge is now located on the east side of the lake on the Inner Loop (yellow) trail.

Among the dam's benefits are reduced stream bank erosion, reduction of sediment in the brooks and streams, development of new wetlands, a better environment for fish and waterfowl, and in the case of Lake Bray, it has deepened the waters of the lake which provides a more stable water supply for wildlife and vegetation.

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Fishing413 said...

Nice post! The beavers sure have been busy. My wife and myself were hiking the Bray loop over the winter and we took some pictures almost identical to yours. Almost before and after pictures lol.