Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Visit To The Mountain Park Junk Yard

Here are a few pictures and a video link of the Mountain Park Junk Yard which is located in the woods between Route 91 and Route 5 north of Cedar Knob.

Mountain Park used this site up until the late fifties when construction of Route 91 cut this area off from the rest of the park. So the the junked cars and trucks are isolated to rust away.

In addition to the junked autos, there are all kinds of discarded items ranging from bottles to light bulbs to paint cans and machinery.

Between this area and Route 91 was the rail bed for the trolley line service that ran from Mountain Park thru Smith's Ferry onto Northampton. 

The beginning of this rail bed ran from what is now the road that runs by the large boulder east of the blue pavilion and used to cross over the current ski area road near the old ski area kiosk style sign (the one that is now painted brown), the rail bed continued across what is now Route 91 and headed north to Northampton.

The best way to visit the junk yard is to park at the Dinosaur Footprints parking area on Route 5, from there cross to the west side of Route 5 and walk north a few hundred feet till you see the brook on your left (it's behind the guard rail), enter the woods to the right side of the brook and travel west through the woods, the junk yard is a few yards from Route 91. (A special thank you to local historian Robert Schwobe for his input to this post)

To view the video of the Billy Goat's recent visit to the Mt. Park Junk Yard, click on link below: 

The door reads "Mountain Park Holyoke, Mass."
A fuel efficient no cylinder!!!
Is it my imagination? or is this 1953 Chevrolet smiling for the camera!!!
Rust Never Sleeps!!!
Would you know how to get to Route 91 from here???
After 56 years, the paint job on this 1953 Chevrolet is holding up well!!!
Reverse parking is in effect, park by the even trees of the forest!
Spacious interior!!!
Triple A member in good standing!!!
It's amazing!!! There's still some chrome on this car!!!
I don't think that tire will pass inspection!!!
A 1952 Chevrolet No Back!!!
Peering into the past...
No user serviceable parts inside...

Anyone in the mood for restoring a 1940 Chevrolet truck?
On the outside...
Looking in
There's an oddness to this! Nature and the remnants of man co-existing!
Push It, Pull It, Tow It... PLEASE!!!
Assorted junk!!!
Oil Change?... Are you kidding?
No Deposit, No Return


Garnetrose said...

The pictures are not ones of beauty but each one tells a story of lives and loves lost in many cases. I often see an old junky car and wonder about who drove them and if there was a life lost in one of them. I am the same way with run down old houses. Each of them tells a story.

Redtelephone66 said...

Hello Garnetrose,
You are absolutely correct!!! have you ever heard the song "Auto Salvage" by the group Autosalvage? it sums up just what you are saying,

Anonymous said...

is this near that old leaf dump?

Redtelephone66 said...

It is north of the old dump, across the brook parallel to Route 91.

Anonymous said...

ohh ok thanx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Leonard
I used to take pictures like these back in 'once upon a time' with an Zenit B and the wreckage was all around to see. Nowadays they just shove the stories into the crusher and send off the cube of metal to India and China. These days I settle my eyes looking at peoples' footprints, down on Cullen Beach and watch the waves or the sand waft or wash the journeys away. The other day a dog came up and looked at me, quizzing my interest in such things, or maybe he just wanted me to pick up and throw the stick that had been washed in from somewhere out there.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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